"Write your VISION and make it CLEAR...AND IT IS SO!"

Great News!  2019 officially marks 20 years for Bountiful Opportunities Group, Inc. and it's been  an AMAZING JOURNEY!  To celebrate our 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, we have expanded our Youth Program and are preparing for a Global Transformation Tour to be held in Atlanta, GA that will include Global participation from at least 4 countries and expecting at least 50,000 youth in attendance!  YES... we are  continuing our mission of helping others to help themselves, and keeping VISION as our tool and the YOUTH as our focus for reaching COMMUNITIES globally...thus BILLIONS!  Thank you for the hundreds of thousands who have given us the opportunity to serve you!   

Click here to read more about the NEW "Millionaires Club"... A Founder's VISION to make at least 1000 young adults millionaires before 30! It's your one-stop-shop for your life's TRANSFORMATION! 

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